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Brazil's Pet Market Ranks Among the Global Top 3

Currently, Brazil occupies the third position in global rankings for both pet market revenue and pet population.

Brazil Joins China and US as Top Global Pet Market Players

According to Euromonitor International and the Brazilian Association of the Pet Products Industry (Abinpet), Brazil occupies the third spot in terms of pet market revenue, contributing to 4.95% of the global market share. This places Brazil only behind the United States (43.7%) and China (8.7%).

Brazil: Leading Latin America in Pet Ownership

Pets are an important part of Brazilian families. Brazil proudly leads Latin America with the largest pet population with nearly 168 million pets, ranking third globally in pet ownership.

Since the emergence of the pandemic in 2020, Brazil has witnessed consistent growth in its pet population, particularly the canine population, surpassing the number of children in local households.

The most popular pets in Brazil (in Millions)

*Dogs 68M

*Cats 33M

*Birds 41M

Source: Euromonitor & Abinpet

About the author

Dr. Aline Santana is a Brazilian veterinarian with over 12 years of experience in both research and private dermatology practice. In 2021, she completed her PhD in veterinary dermatology at the University of São Paulo (Brazil), with a sandwich period at the University of Minnesota, where she conducted research on the skin microbiome of cats. Since 2012, she has been an active member of the Brazilian Society of Veterinary Dermatology (SBDV). From 2015 to 2021, Dr. Santana served as the director of social media marketing, contributing to the organization's outreach and communication efforts.




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