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Editorial Principles

Derma.Conecta is committed to publishing high-quality content that supports best practices in veterinary medicine. We promise our readers that we follow a rigorous process of creation and review for every piece of content that appears on Derma.Conecta. When we create content, we follow clear guidelines:


All new content on Derma.Conecta is written by a licensed veterinarian or subject matter expert. Our veterinarian authors hold a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and are licensed to practice veterinary medicine. Whenever possible, our experts also hold degrees or certifications in their fields.


We respect the Reader.  We give readers the tools and information to make better decisions on their own. Our primary goal is to support practices and recommendations that enhance pet health and well-being.

We rely on Evidence-based content. We strive to publish the most reliable and in-depth resources available. Whenever possible, our posts are sourced from peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, and other widely accepted references.

We believe in Transparency. We acknowledge and cite our sources. All authors and contributors are identified by name and credentials, and links to their biographies and qualifications are provided.


We write for Everyone. We do not write for experts only. Our content is designed to be accessible and inclusive to a broad audience, regardless of their level of expertise or background.

We are committed to Updating our library continually. Our goal is to ensure that our content remains accurate, up-to-date, and relevant.


We avoid Plagiarism. Each post is an original work that relies heavily on ideas, observations and scientific content. We take plagiarism seriously and ensure that all our content is original.


We employ Technology thoughtfully. We avoid pop-ups or obtrusive ads that distract users from the information. 


*Permission must be obtained for the use of any material published by DermaConecta, either in part or in full.


*If you have any questions about our content or find any errors, please reach out directly to Derma.Conecta's Editor, Dr. Aline Santana at

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