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About Me.

Brazilian 🇧🇷 Veterinarian, Educator, Researcher and Writer. I am driven by an unwavering passion for animal health, science-based innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation in veterinary medicine. My mission is to raise the bar in veterinary care by equipping fellow veterinarians with the knowledge and tools necessary for achieving excellence in their practice.



PhD in Veterinary Science

Universidade de São Paulo

University of Minnesota


Master in Veterinary Science 

Universidade de São Paulo


Residency in Small Animal Clinic

Universidade Federal de Viçosa



Universidade Federal de Viçosa


Dr. Aline Santana is a DVM who graduated from the Federal University of Viçosa and completed her residency in small animal medical clinic at the same institution. She holds a Master's and Ph.D. in Sciences from the Department of Veterinary Science at the University of São Paulo, with an exchange period conducted abroad at the University of Minnesota. She has contributed as a co-author to the Brazilian book "Tratado de medicina externa: dermatologia veterinária" and has been involved in organizing events and lectures in the field. Over the past decade, she has been engaged in clinical research,  with a proven track record of scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals such as Veterinary Dermatology, Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, Medical Mycology, Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal, among others. Since 2012, Dr. Aline Santana has been a member of the Brazilian Society of Veterinary Dermatology (SBDV). From 2015 to 2021, Dr. Santana served as the marketing manager, contributing to the organization's outreach and communication efforts. Currently, she operates as an independent technical consultant, overseeing an online platform that delivers insightful content, news, and emerging trends in veterinary dermatology. Her mission is to raise the bar in veterinary care by equipping fellow veterinarians with the knowledge and tools necessary for achieving excellence in their practice. (Linkedin

Peer-reviewed Publications

• SANTANA, ALINE E.; SELLERA, FABIO.;  Drug resistance in fungi of dermatological interest: A clinical challenge on the horizon?. VETERINARY DERMATOLOGY, 2023 

• SANTANA, ALINE E.; TORRES, SHEILA.; COSTA, MATHEUS;  Comparison of two sampling methods for downstream molecular detection of bacteria or fungi from feline hair and scale specimens. JOURNAL OF VETERINARY DIAGNOSTIC INVESTIGATION, 2023 

• FERRARI, E.; SECCHIN, C.; SANTANA, A. E., First report of oral cryptococcal osteomyelitis in a cat. BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY, 2023 


• SANTANA, ALINE E.; SELLERA, FÁBIO P.; FILQUEIRA, KILDER D.; TABORDA, CARLOS P.; RECHE-JUNIOR, ARCHIVALDO. The influence of sample processing time on the performance of Microsporum canis cultures in cats. VETERINARY DERMATOLOGY, 2021. FI: 1,58


• SANTANA, ALINE E.; SELLERA, FÁBIO P.; COSTA, MATHEUS O. Letter in response to the article: Nannizzia incurvata as a rare cause of favus and tinea corporis in Cambodia and Vietnam. INDIAN JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY, VENEREOLOGY & LEPROLOGY, 2021 FI: 2,54




• SANTANA, ALINE E.; RECHE-JR, ARCHIVALDO; SELLERA, FÁBIO P. ; TABORDA, CARLOS P. A comment on First report of tinea corporis caused by Arthroderma benhamiae in Brazil. BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY, 2020. FI: 2,47.


• SANTANA, ALINE E.; TABORDA, CARLOS P ; FILGUEIRA, KILDER D ; SELLERA, FÁBIO P ; LARSSON, CARLOS E ; RECHE-JUNIOR, ARCHIVALDO. Comparison of carpet and toothbrush techniques for the detection of Microsporum canis in cats. JOURNAL OF FELINE MEDICINE AND SURGERY, 2019. FI: 2,21.


• SANTANA, A. E.; TABORDA, C. P. ; SEVERO, J.S. ; RITTNER, G. G. ; MUNHOZ, J. E. ; LARSSON Jr, C.E. ; LARSSON, C.E. Development of enzyme immunoassays (ELISA and Western blot) for the serological diagnosis of dermatophytosis in symptomatic and asymptomatic cats. MEDICAL MYCOLOGY, 2017. FI: 4,07.


• SEVERO, J.S. ; SANTANA, ALINE E. ; AOKI, V. ; MICHALANY, N.S. ; MANTOVANI, M. ; LARSSON Jr, C.E. ; LARSSON, C.E. Evaluation of C-reactive protein as an inflammatory marker of pemphigus foliaceus and superficial pyoderma in dogs. VETERINARY DERMATOLOGY, 2017. FI: 1,58


• NITTA, C. Y. ; DANIEL, A. G. T. ; TABORDA, C. P. ; SANTANA, A. E. ; LARSSON, C.E. Isolation of Dermatophytes from the Hair Coat of Healthy Persian Cats without Skin Lesions from Commercial Catteries Located in São Paulo Metropolitan Area, Brazil. ACTA SCIENTIAE VETERINARIAE 


• SEVERO, J.S. ; SANTANA, A. E. ; AOKI, V. ; MICHALANY, N.S. ; LARSSON Jr, C.E. ; LARSSON, C.E. Comparative study of direct and indirect immunofluorescence for diagnosis of canine pemphigus foliaceus. ARQUIVO BRASILEIRO DE MEDICINA VETERINÁRIA E ZOOTECNIA 


• LARSSON, C.E. ; ROSSI, C.N. ; SEVERO, J.S. ; ODAGUIRI, J. ; SANTANA, A. E. ; LARSSON Jr, C.E. ; CARMONA, R.C. ; MICHALANY, N.S. Caso clínico: cão Golden Retriever com histórico de disqueratinização não prurítica e hiperpigmentação em regiões abdominal e cervical ventral - Qual o seu diagnóstico? A HORA VETERINÁRIA 



• SANTANA, A. E., TORRES, S.M; COSTA, M. O. Characterization of bacterial and fungal skin communities in symptomatic and asymptomatic cats for dermatophytes.


  • Project management & data analysis

  • Strong scientific expertise: excels in searching databases, reading, interpreting, and analyzing research and other reports and making strategic and tactical recommendations based on this data

  • Strong communication and documentation skills

  • Engagement with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)  

  • Collaborative, creative and exploratory mindset with a drive to achieve ambitious goals

  • Problem-solving

  • Analytical skills

  • Team player

  • Connector

  • Creativity 

Professional Organizations

SBDV (Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia Veterinária). 2012-present ​

Curriculum Vitae

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