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Microbiome friendly products: the next trend for veterinary dermatology?

Microbiome-Friendly Products on the Rise for Healthy Skin

A balanced and diverse microbiota is essential for #skin health. Microbiome-friendly products are gaining ground in industry because they help to restore and maintain the skin's microbial barrier function.

Microbiome-friendly certified formulations

Microbiome-friendly certified formulations contain ingredients that promote harmonious and well-balanced skin microbiota. For example, oat extract is a #prebiotic ingredient that nourishes the good bacteria in the skin and helps support healthy microbiota. In contrast, some chemical compounds can disturb the balance and diversity of the skin’s microbiota.

Promoting Healthy Microbiota with Microbiome-Friendly Formulations

Research around the skin microbiota of dogs and cats is increasing and certainly will drive demand for new innovative products in #petindustry. Formulas that focus on “microbiome friendly” ingredients are a hot topic in human dermatology and probably will also shape the future of veterinary dermatology. These products hold the potential to help with #microbiota maintenance and help the skin recover faster, boosting therapy outcomes.

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Image credits: Freepik and Rawpixel




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