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Microbiota and maintenance of skin barrier function

It is widely recognized that the skin microbiota plays a crucial role in several aspects of skin barrier function. In a study conducted by Elizabeth Grice and colleagues, the researchers explore the microbiota’s role in shaping and fortifying the skin's barrier function.

🔑 Here are some key insights:

1️⃣ Skin microbes form the first barrier against the environment

2️⃣ Skin microbiota also contributes to the differentiation and epithelialization of the physical skin barrier

3️⃣ Skin microbes boost the chemical barrier of the skin by producing lipases that digest sebum triglycerides to free fatty acids. This process increases the humans' skin's acidity, thereby limiting the colonization by pathogenic species

4️⃣ Skin microbes stimulate both innate and adaptive immune defences, including the release of antimicrobial peptides and the development of protective immunity

🌟 A comprehensive understanding of the interactions between skin microbial communities and the host is crucial for developing microbial-based therapies to prevent and treat skin disorders.



Ref: Microbiota and maintenance of skin barrier function. Science 2022





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