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Dermatophyte cultures in cats: strategies for improving diagnostic accuracy

Atualizado: 1 de abr. de 2023

Fungal culture

Fungal culture is widely used as a diagnostic tool for detecting dermatophytosis in cats. Appropriate sample collection, as well as proper sample processing time, are crucial to assure an accurate result.

Delayed Sample Processing Linked to Fungal Contamination

🔬In our previous study, we found that delayed processing time is closely associated with the overgrowth of fungal contaminants and with lower rates of M. canis on agarose plates. Our findings demonstrated that samples processed more than 24 hours after collection are likely to exhibit a higher degree of contaminants which can suppress the growth of M. canis and lead to erroneous diagnoses and compromised treatment.

Delayed processing time

🧫Although the dermatophytes can remain viable within skin samples for a long time, the delayed processing of samples may make the isolation and identification of M. canis challenging, especially for non-experts.


✅In conclusion, the sample processing time is an important parameter and should be considered by veterinary practitioners to optimize the recovery of M. canis on culture plates and obtain the best results.




➡️Santana AE, et al. The influence of sample processing time on the performance of Microsporum canis cultures in cats. Veterinary Dermatology, 2021.







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